Monday, June 25, 2007

Morning Song

It was not just a potential haiku when you wrote it then - a caption to one of my photographs.

It is more than Three years since you wrote and it is well over a year of estrangement between us as well.

Never thought that the photograph I took of a faded leaf drifting along the river would find such a befitting expression depicting the saga of someone who always strived to reach out.

Today a brisk walk to work and there I saw this yellow-blue leaf in a puddle of water and a closer look brought forth the reflection of the trees near by

...My friend, for a few moments I felt I found you, you reached home...carrying the memories of many a forest and landscape...You came home renewed, much like the way spring redeems winter’s devastation, you came along singing the joyous morning song that once sounded like a subdued swansong.

"Set adrift to seek a destiny of it’s own
Carrying the memories of a Tree!"