Friday, May 11, 2007

To My Amrita Alumni/ Student Fraternity

Dear Alumni/ Friends and Current Students,

It is my joy to remain related to Amrita Student Fraternity– My 6 years of existence here was made meaningful by the wonderful set of students @ Amrita. Every endeavor I ventured into was enriched and strengthened by the active participation of students of which Project VIDYA – Amrita Digital Library was a major initiative. What began as a modest collection has come a long way and this would not have been possible without you all – Amrita Student fraternity. Being with you all was a wonderful learning experience that forged a deep sense of belonging and bonding which I will cherish unto my last. All this amounted building VIDYA a sheer labor of love. Since I consider Project VIDYA as my major initiative and many of our alumni keep asking about it’s status now I feel the time has come, as I cruise through the last stretch of my stint here, to appraise you all about Project VIDYA in a nutshell to begin with. Please check out this URL that has a brief write up on VIDYA.

My reach through this medium is limited, I wish you forward it whomever it really matters – The alumni, current students and prospective students as well so that they remain informed about the learning resource we have which will help all utilize it better. I bequeath VIDYA unto you all. Please let me know your ideas on opinions on VIDYA, wish to work on VIDYA and enrich it till the last moment of my bidding adieu to Ettimadai.