Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Rain Song

Rain comes drifting down
as if the glowing embers of longing
suddenly turned into
dew drops sprinkled
on parched eyes.

Rain comes wafting down
like the tears that swell
as you touch the forehead
of your beloved
sleeping like a baby.

Rain comes raging down
as gushing blood
through the veins once sucked dry
by the fear of the unknown.

Rain comes gracing down
dancing in the breeze of solace
on the burnt skin of subdued throbs.
...So true,
how ‘delicate is the sound of thunder’ *!

Rain comes blazing down
in a backdrop of lightning streaks
of electrified perceptions
entranced by the synchronized
light and sound dance
right here and now!

How i wish
i dissolve like a speck of salt
in the surge that swirls and swells
and flows
before i sleep tonight
dreaming of the rainbow
i am sure to see tomorrow
going through
yet another spell of transcendence
and stint of lingering to

* i saw the Pink Floyd album "Delicate Sound of Thunder" years back in a music shop in Bangalore...The title fascinated me all through but never found a living context till last night.