Monday, June 25, 2007

Morning Song

It was not just a potential haiku when you wrote it then - a caption to one of my photographs.

It is more than Three years since you wrote and it is well over a year of estrangement between us as well.

Never thought that the photograph I took of a faded leaf drifting along the river would find such a befitting expression depicting the saga of someone who always strived to reach out.

Today a brisk walk to work and there I saw this yellow-blue leaf in a puddle of water and a closer look brought forth the reflection of the trees near by

...My friend, for a few moments I felt I found you, you reached home...carrying the memories of many a forest and landscape...You came home renewed, much like the way spring redeems winter’s devastation, you came along singing the joyous morning song that once sounded like a subdued swansong.

"Set adrift to seek a destiny of it’s own
Carrying the memories of a Tree!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Aj,

It was a sudden ignition of memory that led me to your blog and lo and behold I found a small, touching dedication. Thank you!
How are you and Laxmi?
I am very well though life has taken a very different turn. It is strange, the journeys we make without knowing our destination. But at the end as long as the journey is endured and even enjoyed, the destination works out alright.
However the journey is all but over...miles to go before i rest if i rest at all..
Good luck and God bless.


Friday, November 23, 2007  

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