Thursday, August 04, 2005

Can the neon glow outshine our constellations?


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Can't just wait to Get Away !

Am just waiting to get off for a while and wander. Need a break ! Dried up my rain wet trekking shoes, just need to pack up and go.


I took the first snap few months back, after a rather dull, disturbing day. Just rushed back and threw my shoes to the corner, it bounced back and fell near me. Thats when i saw that little leaf clinging to it. It looked more like a little creature in calm repose.


The second snap happened recently, silently beckoning for me another bout of wandering. just reminded of the song 'Call of The Wild' by Chris Ledoux

Storm clouds are building above the timber line
The lightning’s flashing across the mountain side
The thunder’s rollin’ down the canyons of his mind
Somewhere beyond the great divide.

He hungers for the freedom of an eagle as she flies
Somewhere beyond the great divide

He’s heard the call of the wild
The mountains callin’ to him like a mother calls her child
He’s heard the call of the wild
Livin’ in the city oh it gets to be a grind
Puttin’ in his hours workin’ overtime
Waitin’ for the day he can leave it all behind
To go somewhere beyond the great divide

He’s got to get away from the city for a while
He’s gotta answer the call of the wild.