Friday, March 25, 2005

Journeys in hyper reality - Part1

Nerves of steel-railway track
trains of events, thoughts, desires,
loads of memories,
pungent, sweet, fleeting.

Tempered ,remaining in calm repose
ready to take on anything that comes on it -
a little quiver and few sparks of fire ,
receding shrill and dying out afterglow,
and then calm repose.
No one can tell
It had
100s of trains - so many times ,
running up and down
leading all to their destinations
no matter who gets off half way –
call it
premature ejaculation .
or calculated fetish.
Signal posts all the way,
like pimps all over.

Worn out rails
Are deserted rail ways …

Need more and more to stay alive,
Two rails now look like
perpetually spread legs
stretching nerves of steel
to its breaking point…

My mind is a whore!
and that tells
what the f*** You are!!