Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wish it was Nameless Experience

I appeased my hunger
with a glutton’s rage
and it soon
resulted in indigestion.

My thirst is quenched,
but my throat remains parched
inducing the desire
to drink more, but just cannot
take in even a gulp.

Slept through the day
and woke up into the same phantasmagoria
realizing that
sleep is not a sedative enough.

Remained aloof
yet, detachment stayed elusive.

Walked my lonely way,
but solitude receded farther away
with enticing moves.

Soaring up
with every sudden flights of freedom,
impulsive break away to many around,
I cast a look downwards;
then, dizzied by a vertigo spin
I glide back homeward bound
realizing that
what freedom wants is liberation.

Wish I had not known those words,
then my experience
would have remained nameless
leaving no craving to chisel out expressions
from the frozen lump of the known.