Tuesday, April 12, 2005

SMS Pilgrimage - 2

[ It was a real delight to have her SMS wake me up…but the messages that ensued seem to have touched awaken my slumbering self…]

She: Morning here looks like some one sprinkled pink paint on the sky, spreading like slow stain

Me: The sky blushed when you woke up…or is it your cosmic mirror?

She: Yeah, I am having an affair with the sky and all those white bearded men fluffing about…I am their mistress!

Me: You will conceive immensity and give birth to bliss…

She: O’ my God…it is raining…the skies here have a mind of their own

Me: Hey..the white bearded men got pissed off by you :-)

She: I’m laughing and laughing...Yeah, I am the mother of the universe!