Friday, April 03, 2009

Post VIDYA post ...

This is the longest spell ever of my being away from Amrita University campus , Ettimadai and it has brought in a terrible sense of missing ... the students, working on VIDYA and the noise in the hostel. All those provided the vital escape door from the quagmire of uncertainties and ghosts of the past.

It looks like the escape door too escaped, perhaps to resurface as the entrance door...

The only way to relive my VIDYA days now is to walk down the memory lane ...i have a lot of people to thank and a story to tell as well. Hence this blog on VIDYA

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Peter’s principle with an example

X : Her internet connection should be taken off !

Y : Why?

X: She seems to have time only for checking her mails during office hours resulting in total negligence at work.

Y: Well, if she looks out through her window watching a train passing by, will you go and stop the train?