Sunday, June 04, 2006

World Environment Day - Is it time for a Reality Check ?

Ever since we saw the BBC documentary "Global Dimming" we were contemplating on writing on the topic. Today we came up with the first draft of it. Global Dimming theory has brought out some startling revelations that raises fundamental questions on our very survival.

If Carl Sagan's documentary "COSMOS" creates in us a deep sense of awe and wonder of belonging to the universe , the BBC documentary "Global Dimming" makes us apprehensive of the future of our planet. The Chaos theory concept "Butterfly Effect" had been a topic for theoretical exploration so far. In Global Dimming you will find Butterfly Effect in action that throws new vistas of understanding into the intricate pattern that connects. How the opulance of a nation at one end of the globe manifests as the destruction of the lesser fortunate on the other side. Jet trails and factory emissions else where leading to the 1984 Ethiopean famine, a reality that points to still imperious realities in the making if left unattended to.

Click Here for a glimpse into Global Dimming and its implications.