Friday, January 13, 2006

Hovering around ...

Opened my blog window after a long time. When the window popped up finally, after a few anxious moments of wondering whether by blog account still exists, i found it hard to leave it empty not because i had something to write. Just did not want to take a chance of losing my blog account just in case today happens to be the last day before my account gets deactivated for not logging in for a long time.

Just got my blog-mortality extended for some more time.

Getting married, an imminent career change, striving hard to give my best to this place before i leave and a whole lot of loose ends to tie up are sure enough reasons for leaving my blog page untouched for a long time and not, as some one told , writer's block. Only writers get blocked thus, when words take a sabbatical only to return enriched and rejuvenated.

In my case i took a break from words , it was no sabbatical because i had not served enough.

Gifted are the ones who just blog and blog and blog.

But i guess what that really matters is making a real gift of a blog. 'Making 'is surely different from the act of 'Creation' i guess from the perspective of soulful involvement.

But then who dares to rephrase 'making love' into 'creating love ' any way?