Thursday, October 14, 2010

Of Miners' rescue and Assembly trust vote ...

Anxious hours for any sentient being on earth as they watch/ think of the Chilean miners being rescued one by one.

… and a bit more anxiety for the politically aware ones in Bangalore because in a few hours another trust vote will decide the political fate of Kar”nataka” state assembly. Watching the latest development in the state’s political scene used to be a daily dose of entertainment after I reach from work . I was constantly tracking the moves and political acrobatics of these jokers until the Chilean heroes caught my attention .

There the Chilean president is right on ground zero where the miners are being rescued on a 30 hours stretch operation. The Bolivian president is flying in to Chile to take home with him the only Bolivian miner among the 33 trapped miners. Their elected leaders are their guardian angels too. Looks like sensible leaders can be chosen only by sensible people.

The Karnataka politicians will spend a sleepless night wondering who will win and who will rule….who will cook, who will serve and who will eat, praying to their deities for boons to gratify their greed . Their counterparts in Chile too will spend a sleepless night praying for the safe rescue of all the miners, cheering up every one getting out of the rescue capsule after 69 days’ ordeal 700 meters below, there they stand as true elected representatives, together with the ones who elected them , in the hour of need.

Why did all our news channels celebrate this ongoing political fiasco in Karnataka with of course hearty interludes of Commonwealth games updates. It appears that the proceedings of Karnataka assembly will be telecast live tomorrow… and we are there to watch the jokers in action again.

On the other hand BBC seemed to have celebrated the entire Chilean operation with a live coverage.

Does this have any pedagogical value dear learned pedagogues ?

Yes there is in abundance…. for , what else could be a better example of true heroism, team spirit, compassion, reverence for life, brotherhood, high precision engineering, brilliant task management.

Are you listening dear pedagogues ?...or are you busy constructing , deconstructing new post-neo-hyper modern theories of learning, knowledge production, distribution ? ( looks like a new supply chain process)

I could not control my tears as I saw the Chilean miners emerged one by one… seeing the whole nation rejoicing … seeing how technology became a path with a heart… seeing the way a rescued miner opened his little bag, just after he got out of the rescue capsule, took out some candies and distributed it to people around. Here is a man , who has not seen sunlight for 69 days, reaching out … seeing clearly through his dark goggles… how true what the little kid said in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince : “ What is essential is invisible to the eyes, it is only with the heart you can truly see “ .

Are we blinded by too much light?

For the trapped miners the first step on earth was freedom …and for us we need wings for flights of freedom out of earth’s bounds.

So, Freedom too is relative ?