Monday, March 07, 2005

An SMS pilgrimage

Here's the text of a series of SMS communication I exchanged with my friend on a sleepless night. What started off as a time evading exercise touched on something timeless i guess...what do you reckon?


Me: how did the interview go?

She: Flop, it was sports day. Perhaps next time

Me: Do not worry…run and jump your woes out. Take a break and travel if you can..

She: Ah..Travel… hmm…

Me: Sounds stoic…journeys are so rejuvenating, what prevents you from travelling..

Me: You must be having similar minded friends…travelling thus is fun

She: Long travel…my spine does not allow me that. Too much of nature fills me with void and friends..its a different story..

Me. Hey..real discovery is not in seeing new places, but in seeing the same place through new eyes….

Me: Applicable to relationships too..

She: Wow…that’ a good one…but no senses to understand

Me: Its beyond senses to understand , but can be comprehended at a subtle level I guess..

She: By senses I meant this- intelligence rooted in experience

Me: To know the unknown one needs to overcome the prejudice rooted in the known

She: I have had no inclination to know the unknown….if it all be it….habit, he he he..

Me: You can build you palace or coffin in your cocoon… to fly out you have to flutter your wings, and you must hake it happen…it is not habit. Freedom song is not freedom any way.

She: Great…will dig my grave …I need to come out of my prejudice to know many things….feeling sleepy…will bug you tomorrow morning

Me. Good night..sleep well !.



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