Monday, February 14, 2005

Of Valentines and quarantines :-)

Few SMS greetings on my mobile phone fixed me this morning. Never quite realized that it is Valentine’s day today, had I known it before also it would not have much difference in my sense of well being at all. There was a time , during my college days, this day used to assume an ethereal dimension and yes, some of my most cherished memories revolve around this day , but then memories weigh more than the significance of the day. Perhaps it is because of the subtle gravitating pull of mythical forces empowering the day.

I know that I will never be able to re-live those moments again in the same way and memories …how different are they from dreams and desires as long as you miss those moments?

Walking to my office this morning many episodes from the past flashed forth, faces and voices and sensations in a coagulated mix of remembrances that look more like murk on the surface obscuring the depths. There are times when you look back and realize that you could have done things in much better ways and often it is an overpowering reckoning with the past. Do we really need to dig out the past and live through the virtual reality , it is more like licking the wounds. Once we learn lessons of the past and affirm , then the past holds no juice , chewing and ruminating becomes more of a habit than discerned necessity.

Switched on my machine, and I ran a full length weekly virus scan . Few minutes later, I found a message on the screen, It read : There files are infected, Do you want to ignore it, Quarantine or Delete? …and the date next to it 14th Feb appeared more like a metaphorical significance of the day itself. Days like these take us back in time, through the labyrinths of memories , regrets and remorse, passion, desire and obsessions . Much like a virus scan bringing forth a list of entities that we are free to Ignore, Quarantine or Delete. No matter what one chooses, it is always better to do a disk defragmentation for , it will create space for newer experiences to add on to renewing layers of our being.


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