Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Thousand Kisses Deep...

Listening to Leonard Cohen's song "A thousand Kisses deep" had always been a stirring experience. The whole song sounded more like a chant of liberation , though i knew very little about the background of the lyrics- Cohen's experience and inspiration that made the song.Few days back I chanced upon one a popular Leonard Cohen web site and there i found the song is dedicated to Sandy Merriman , a painter friend of Cohen. Cohen payed his tribute to his friend thus. Despite listening to it many times , i could not get rid of the feeling that the song is still an enigma, especially when it comes to this part of the lyrics:
"You lose your grip,
and then you slip
Into the Masterpiece".
These words had a migic spell on me and i knew that there is a specific context behind these words and it became much clearer when i read about Sandy Merriman. She was a brilliant Painter, kindered soul whom Cohen revered so deep. Now i realise how important it is to ponder over the inspiration behind every creative expression for, it brings to light the intricate ways in which events, people and experiences are inter-related.Thus we find realities we could relate ourselves to and discover ever new dimensions latent within us.


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