Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tachyons on ORKUT


Just started an ORKUT group called "Tachyons" - On Dr.E C G Sudarshan who is regarded as one of the greatest living Mathematical Phycisits. A celebrated scientist nick nemed "Rishi" at the University of Texas-Austin, Dr.Sudarshan surely deserved a Nobel prize for his pioneering contributions. It is worth knowing how he missed it and how others got it. It is indeed surprising that Sudarshan has not even been elected to the U.S. Academy of Science . Shouldn't we care to bother to ask why?

Here's a List of Relevant Webpages :

1] Sudarshan's letter

2] Elusive recognition

3] Scientists Question Nobel

4] First Runner-upWhen the Nobels are handed out, some get left out.

5] Nobel Doubts

6] Physicist Sudarshan's omission questioned

7] What will it take for a resident Indian to win a Nobel Prize

8] George Sudarshan :

9] E C G Sudarshan : WikiPedia

10] Wrong Choice For The Nobel

11] Ranjit Nair on this year’s physics Nobel

12] Nobility of the Nobel prize

13] Scientists petition Nobel Academy

14] Dr.Sudarshan's Home page

15] The Collected Works of ECG Sudarshan


Anonymous Renuka, Berlin said...

That was quite a compilation on Sudarshan. Good to know that you have taken up the issue.

Why not add links to his popular talks as well.

Sunday, May 28, 2006  

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