Thursday, May 26, 2005

Freedom from the Known

Just couldn't help passing on something remarkable I read recently on Sant Kabir.

I have been reading the Bijaks of kabir for quite some time and the more i read the more inrigued i got all the time. Kabir's words stand out for its utter simplicity and direct insight into the nature of things, but his iconoclastic expressions have always made me wonder why was he so hell bent on shattring and debunking the common man's belief system and throw him into utter darkness...I have always asked myself 'What spritual solace does Kabir's bijaks give to the distraught and the disillusioned when he systematically denounces every system of belief and practice?'... Kabir remained a sort of an enigmatic paradox until i came across this beautiful passage that speaks a lot about the unspoken kabir:

"Kabir is going to take you- if you want to hear his word- to a place of no help, no hope, no solace. He refers to the delusional nature of hope, which is hope for something, some security against the nothingness we fear. This hope must be jettisoned. He exposes the silly ways in which we comfort ourselves, showing a comic strip of animals mimicking our little drama of marriage and domestic flurry. He leads us to a place where there will be nothing under our feet, and invites us to leap off!"

From Linda Hess's introduction to "The Bijak of Kabir' published by Oxford University press

...and it so well connects to what kazantzakis wrote in "The last temptation of Christ" :

"Man's wings won't sprout until he reaches the brink of an abyss!"


Anonymous Anjali said...

You seem to have uncanny knack of figuring out the subtle interconnections...I appreciate your reaching out with that luminous intro. on Kabir...waiting for more of yopur blogs....

Tuesday, June 14, 2005  

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